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All homes will be built in conjuction with Ekhaya Jabulani Housing projects who was founded in 2009. The rational design concept is the brainchild of Nico Venter and has been granted and Agrement certificate (#2011/401) by Agrement SA. All testing of the modular system was done at the CSIR in Pretoria. 

Expected benefits from SIP structures (Structurally Insulated Panels):

SIP’s provide excellent thermal performance, which will last the lifespan of the building, due to the internal insulation layer – “Perlite”

As the Perlite (Insulation) is integral to the SIP’s, it eliminates the need and cost of for cavity insulation.

A SIP building is environmentally friendly for various reasons. The SIP are mostly made of products which is a renewable source (ie Timber). The other materials used, including glues should comply with relevant sustainable requirements, which contribute to the environment, as well as indoor environmental quality.

By using SIP’s, the on-site construction time can be reduced by almost 50% as it is a dry or semi-dry process and the building is erected with less workforce, due to the lighter weight panels.

The SIP’s can be designed to accommodate a wide variety of building applications. 

Panels are mostly fixed to each other through a system that does not provide cold bridging. reducing heat loss through these systems.

The insulated core and composite internal and external panels, make for significant savings on your annual heating costs.

Due to the thickness of the panels, compared to the thickness of masonary walls, you get additional floor space. 

Conventional brick and morter – 23% floor space lost.

SIP walling system – 8,9% floor space lost. 

In part, SIP’s are pre-manufactured to size in factory, meaning there is less wastage.

The various trades can follow faster, due to the dry construction process. This enables easier planning, faster erection and more accurate predicted completion times.

Depending on the type of panel used, and the construction method, a SIP’s constructed building should give better air-tightness, reducing heat loss, and therefore the cost involved in heating up the building in conjunction with the better insulating properties make for huge savings on utility bills.

Depending on the specific system used, the SIP’s should provide a rigid finish for fixing of various equipment and appliances.

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